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August 2003

What's new at Sacred Spiral:
Expanding Horizons and Deepening Connections

Dear Friends! 

Sacred Spiral Healing Arts is expanding its horizons and deepening its connections!
Deepening Connections - newsletter, new e-mail address!

  • On-going talks: "Walking the Sacred Spiral(sm): Exploring Life as A Spiritual Path" Talks Tuesday evenings started August 12th.
  • Now offering Relationship Counseling for individuals, couples, families, partners…in collaboration with John Howe of Howe To Transform. 
  • You're invited to bring a rock to the Spiral Garden!

Read on for the details!

Deepening Connections with you and the world!

The theme that is running through my life lately seems to be about deepening connections, with Self, with others, with Life, with Spirit, with my work…  In that light, I have been clearing up e-mail malfunctions.  Please note my new e-mail address:  I am also committing to staying in touch with you all through an e-mail newsletter. I am intending that this newsletter be interesting, informative and inviting.  Upcoming articles will include such topics as:  life as a spiritual path, the Sacred Spiral concept, the holographic nature of life, working with our masculine and feminine energies, polarity theory, and moving beyond the life's dualities. I will also be sharing thoughts and reflections from my work, patterns that seem to be "up" for many people, what I am discovering about working with them, and whatever else Spirit decides to bring through me.  I am realizing that when one of us "does the work" to clear a pattern or heal a wound, that work impacts those around us to a larger degree than we may be aware.  By sharing with you in this way, and "broadcasting" with the Spiral Garden (see below), the energy of our healing sends an even greater ripple out into the world.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends who might be interested.

If you are not interested in receiving further newsletters, please send a return e-mail to with "unsubscribe" in the subject heading. 

Tuesday Evening Talks: "Walking the Sacred Spiralsm: Life as A Spiritual Path"

Many of you have heard me mention my desire to start giving informal talks to share what I've learned about healing, the evolutionary process, uncovering mind/body patterns, and understanding the holographic nature of life.  Well, the time has come!

Tuesday, August 12th was the first "Walking the Sacred Spiral: Exploring Life As A Spiritual Path" gathering from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m., at our home in Sudbury.  It was a great success. One participant commented "I had no idea what to expect, but this was much more than I could have imagined."  Subsequent gatherings will be held August 26th, September 9th and each Tuesday evening thereafter.  A contribution of $20 is requested. In order to make it easy for people to "check it out", your first visit is free. You are invited to attend with whatever frequency feels right to you.   Arrivals are welcomed as early as 7pm to chat, connect with others, or walk the spiral garden.

Components of the evening include guided meditation, lecturettes, personal sharing, Q and A, transformational tools and techniques.  The structure and content will be open and guided by Spirit according to the energies coming through and the issues that are "up" for those in attendance. 

This is similar to the work that I did with the Sacred Spiral group, which was meeting Friday afternoons, this past year and which has evolved into our spiritual community.  I am very excited about opening this up and sharing my work in this way with larger groups of people.  Please do spread the word.  Feel free to pass this e-mail or the attached flyer on to anyone you feel might be interested and open to what I have to offer.  I am delighted to talk with anyone who wonders if this is a fit for them.

I am also available to bring the experience to your group.  Contact me for details.

Couple-to-Couple Counseling
in collaboration with John Howe of Howe To Transform

People are continually commenting on the amazing relationship that John and I have.  We ourselves have been amazed and delighted to experience the continued growth and deepening of our love, the ease with which we deal with issues between us, and the sacredness with which we each hold our relationship.  It has become clear to us over time that our way of being with each other and the tools we use are something special that we can offer to other couples.  In this light, we have been "Beta testing" our relationship counseling for the past six months and are now ready to publicly offer spiritually-based relationship counseling for individuals, couples, families, partners or groups.  We integrate talk, tools, techniques, and energy work.  We shift focus as needed from individual to couple, inner work to relational work, practical to emotional to spiritual, using "what's up" to uncover and clear the patterns and deeper issues that are being triggered.

This couple-to-couple counseling provides listening and feedback from both the masculine and feminine perspectives.  This approach also affords the opportunity to split into pairs or work as a foursome, as the situation calls for.

We also offer individual follow-up coaching or energy work to enhance the benefits of the counseling.  This multi-modal approach provides a powerful integrated healing program.

We welcome your referrals.  The first session is "on us."

The Spiral Garden

The Spiral Garden is a sacred space under construction in our front yard. It is the site of an energy vortex. Many people have noticed the healing energy of this place, the sense of peace and calm that is present here. The Spiral Garden is similar to a labyrinth in that it is a contemplative space but the shape is simpler.  A dual spiral, garden and walkway, bordered by four large oak trees representing the four directions, spirals in to center and a yin/yang-shaped garden with fountain and meditation stump. The construction is being guided step by step by Spirit.  At this point, people are invited to bring rocks used to border the pathway.

Rocks about the size of 2-4 human hearts are great.  We also need large flat rocks for the walkway.  Rocks from your yard, from sacred places, places needing healing, special places, healing places, wherever you travel, any rock that calls to you, let yourself be guided.  Rocks hold the energy of their place of origin, so through these rocks we are energetically connecting our healing intentions and the work of Sacred Spiral Healing Arts to many places on the Earth. 

You are invited to come and walk the Sacred Spiral before or after a session or from 7-7:30 Tuesday evenings! 

More to come!
I welcome your feedback.  How can this newsletter better serve you?

Thank you all for your on-going love and support.

Bright Blessings!

Marie Patrice

P.S.  I am now using my full given name, Marie Patrice, which better fits me energetically at this point in my life.  It's fine to continue to call me Pat.  If you choose to use a shorter form than Marie Patrice, Patrice or Pat feels more like me than Marie (my mom's and grandmother's name).  Thanks!

Marie Patrice Massé
Sacred Spiral Healing Arts
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Sudbury  MA  01776