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August 2005

SSLW Off and Running

Happy autumn, season of balance.

How’s your fall going?  For many of us fall is a time to get back to business after enjoying the more leisurely pace of summer.  This is all part of the cyclical nature of life.  I don’t know that we could ever maintain perfect balance, or whether we’d really enjoy that.  It would leave out the challenges and exhilaration of the extremes (which is where major growth occurs).  Sometimes we try, usually with little success and added stress, to control the fluctuations. What I’ve been finding is that I don’t have to be thrown off center by the changes around me (or within me).  I practice getting better and better at relaxing with the fluctuations, even enjoying them, and continually coming back to center.  There could be fluctuations in business, emotion, clarity, creativity, engagement, relationship, connectedness.  The waves are to be expected.  It’s how good we’re being with them that really makes a difference. 

I’ve been out of touch for a while and am looking forward to coming back into balance with increased communication. A lot has been happening!  I have been shifting and unfolding more of what I am here to offer to the world.
I thought you might be interested in hearing about a few of my recent accomplishments:

I was on Nancy Cantor’s cable TV show Living Your Dreams (twice). I have these on CD-Rom and am looking at getting them (at least some excerpts) up on my website for you.

I was interviewed on the Robin Barbero Show, part of the Health Radio Network (.com).   Although the July 31st show is no longer available in their archives, I hope to have it available on my website soon.

I created and produced the Healing Love Invocation and Guided Meditation CD, which I’ve been selling in person, through my website (on the Services page), through other practitioners, and on eBay. 

My website is up.  You can visit it at   My new email address is

I have procured a better system for managing my data-base, allowing me to send emails to a larger list.  In order to limit  SPAM however, the program does not allow me to just plug in names.  You will therefore receive an invitation to opt-in to (sign up for) my mailing list.  Keep an eye out for this in the next week or so.  You can also sign up directly through the opt-in box on my home page.
 Starting in October, I’ll be partnering with long-time friend and business coach, Nancy Cantor.  We’ll be co-facilitating her six-month program for Women Entrepreneurs called Designing for Success.  I’ll be sending out more information shortly.  You  can register or get more info on Nancy’s website