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September 2006

Fear of Failure / What is the basis for our worth?


I just wanted to share with you the following words of wisdom to a young adult, an aspiring graphic artist, struggling with fear of failure in bringing his work to the world. Please pass this on to anyone you feel could benefit from the message.

Holiday Blessings to All in this sparkling Season of Light!


Yippee!  Good for you! It looks great! Thank you!

A completed project! Take it in. Feel it.

Appreciate the process, even the hard parts. Appreciate what worked. What helped? What encouraged you? What felt good about your approach to it? What did you learn? Where was there growth? What’s easy now that used to be hard? What would you do the same next time?

And appreciate what didn’t work. What felt bad? How did you judge yourself? Stop yourself? Limit yourself? How did that feel? What did you learn? What do you still struggle with? What would you do differently next time?

What are the stories you use to sabotage yourself? How do they make you feel? Do they help? Can you put them to rest now?

Look at all the little successes here. Each decision about color, placement, alignment… Look at all the failures it took to get here.  Can you really call them failures if they got you here?

Yes, you can do it. You don’t have to be afraid of failure, or success. It’s just an ad. It’s one step, and the result of many baby steps.  One piece. One tiny example of the great stuff you can do, when you let yourself.  And it’s a great accomplishment. 

Isn’t wonderful to think that someday soon, it may be the worst piece you’ve ever done, and that doesn’t make it less than it is today.  It means you are growing and learning and you’ll be able to measure your growth by it.

You don’t have to be perfect already. That’s what the journey is about- really appreciating the perfection of our human imperfection. We are intrinsically perfect Divine Beings, yet our expression of our perfection appears flawed by our humanity. In this way we get to live and learn through the duality of human / Divine, perfection / imperfection, success / failure, being / doing, acceptance / rejection…

Then there’s the time growth. This project took a year because you were moving through your shit about it. Was it worth all the procrastination and worry, stories…?   Hey, Mind, what’s the big deal? Get it, you’re just telling stories and worrying for nothing. You know, if you like what comes out, or you don’t? So what? You just make it better, or you don’t. So what? The client either likes it or they don’t. So what? None of it is a big deal. None of it changes the worth of who you are. Your worth is not dependent on what anyone thinks (not even you). Your worth is not dependant on what you create, or what you do, or what you think, or what you say, or how much you produce, or how fast you do it, or how good it is, or how much money you make doing it.  Your worth lies in the fact that you are a Spiritual being – whether you know it or not. Yes, like every being on this planet, you are Godstuff. No matter what you do or don’t do.  You’ve chosen to come to the Earth plane to be your light, to be your particular wisdom and vibration in the physical experience of Earth. Your being is the indicator of your worth. No one here is worth any more or any less. We are all teachers. We are all students. The learning is never done.  So enjoy!  Enjoy it all. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your Self.  

You are magnificent. I love you no matter what! Will you choose to love yourself no matter what?

Love Always, All Ways,

MariePatrice / Mom

P.S. What Divine timing (of course)! The astrological influences this month are assisting us in a very big letting go of old limiting ways of being, as we step more fully into our full expression of True Self.  

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