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February 2004

In Gratitude

from MariePatrice and Sacred Spiral Healing Arts

What would our lives be like… what would the world be like if we each lived more consistently in a state of gratitude?  At our Walking the Sacred Spiral gathering this week we looked at gratitude as a way of being, akin to love, as a state of full reception, as a choice.

In sharing our thoughts on being grateful for the “tough stuff”, we saw how the tragic loss of a loved one can give rise to amazing generosity and loving connection otherwise infrequently expressed.  We acknowledged how loss and illness give us an opportunity to appreciate and redirect the lives we take for granted.  We admitted how easy it is to be complacent or to make life wrong for not turning out according to our fantasies, rather than trusting that the life and circumstances we have been given are exactly right for developing us as the gift that we are here to be.

It occurred to us that when we are really open and fully receive what is without judgment, when we take it in fully, gratitude is the result.  The expressions of gratitude then coming forth from the heart sew more seeds of gratitude.  If there is judgment or resistance it is difficult to experience gratitude, but even there we can be grateful for the darkness that teaches us to appreciate the light.  John reminded us to look for an opportunity, a lesson or a blessing in everything

This was a wonderful opportunity to share deep meaningful conversation in an environment of safety and loving.  It was indeed a blessing and I am sure that if you close your eyes and intend to receive them, you will feel the ripples of choiceful gratitude and deep connection with life radiating out to the world through the Spiral Garden and sent directly to you via this email.

Tuesday, February 10th, 2004 - Healing Circle - Love and be loved.  Let's fill ourselves and radiate our loving out to the world.  This is not just for the ill or injured.  We can all use more loving.  Love is what heals all.  This is a great opportunity to experience a healing circle for the first time, practice what you know, learn about or share your gifts and insights on the healing process.

Tuesday, Feb. 17th - The Sacred Spiral - A Metaphor for Life - How is your life a sacred spiral?  Where does your life path lead?  What's your life theme that you bump into again and again?  This is a great introduction to the spiritual nature of life, as well as a deeper look at how our lives reveal our individual paths to full expression of our Divine Selves.

Please RSVP by phone 978-579-0897 or email.  Doors open at 7pm. Guided meditation starts at 7:30pm. Tuition for each Walking The Sacred Spiral group is $20 (Buy a 5 class card for $90, a10 class card for $150).  It’s free for first timers, so you can bring a guest for free!  If there’s someone you’d like to introduce to my work this might be a great place to start.

Introducing “New” Services at Sacred Spiral Healing Arts

At half-price (*if scheduled before Feb. 28th for  February or March)
It occurs to me that many of you may not be aware that I offer telephone consultations and Distance Sessions. Believe it or not energy healing works at a distance!  I have been working in this way with a number of clients over the past few years with wonderful results. 

Telephone Consultations   $60/hr   $30/hr*
A telephone consultation is great between sessions or when something is “up”.  It’s as simple as setting up a convenient time to talk.  We can work with emotional distress, overwhelm, energy jitters, headaches, feeling “out of sorts”, decision making, and much more.  As an empath, I can feel where your energy is blocking and guide you through the process even over the phone.  Amazing and true!

Distance Sessions $100/hr (sliding scale available)   $50/hr*
Distance sessions are just like a session in person except you are snug and warm at home.  We begin with a phone consultation, just like the first part of a session here, in which we look at “what’s up”.  Then we arrange a time for you to relax in bed while I work in my healing room as though you were here.  This is a big stretch of the imagination for most people, and it is amazingly effective.  Many people can feel the shifts in energy as I work.  Others just know how much better they feel at the end of the session.  We then connect up by phone again, just like the conclusion of a session here.  People often choose to do distance sessions at night, so they can just stay in bed and integrate after the session.  In that case, we set up a time to connect the next day.  This is the perfect solution when you are ill, not feeling up to the drive, or have challenging weather conditions. This is a great time of year to try a distance session!