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January 2004

Happy New Year from Sacred Spiral Healing Arts!

Thank you all for you love and support and for sharing yourselves and your lives with me this year!  I am truly grateful for my life and my work and you are all a big part of making that possible!

Most of you have seen the sign over my kitchen doorway announcing 2003 as the year of “Power, Ease and Grace”.  It has been a year filled with much learning and exploration around this theme.  We looked at true power, coming from being in alignment with who we truly are and what life is calling for from us (very different than the puffed up or the power over versions).  Instead of duping ourselves with the expectation that “life is supposed to be easy” and then feeling victimized when it’s not, we worked with choosing ease as an attitude and a way of being.  We discovered that grace happens when we surrender to what is and ask for guidance and assistance in being with it in whatever way is in our highest good.  So I’m not breezing through my life as I might have expected from the theme.  I am however, feeling more powerfully aligned with my life, surrendered to what presents itself and choosing to be with it in ease rather than struggle.

A number of us had been eagerly awaiting clarity around the new theme for 2004.  I was getting some ideas about it, but no real clarity until I awoke on the morning of January 1st.  (Life has a way of supplying information on a “need to know” basis!) 

So here it is, the theme for this year:

2004:  Thriving in Courage, Truth and Gratitude

Here’s my take on what we’re up for this year:   My sense is that much life force energy will be freed up by choosing courage and truth over fear and lies, leading to thriving rather than just surviving.  Choosing courage doesn’t mean living like a hero, it does mean choosing to do what’s ours to do, taking one step and then the next, persisting, even in the face of fear, limitation or not knowing how.  Truth is bigger than our conventional version of being honest.  Here it refers more to being true to yourself.  Telling the truth about what you are up to, what’s yours to do and what’s not, what you have any say about, what the real issues are, not pretending that someone else should change, that we should be doing more or different than we are, that life has got it all wrong… 

We’ll be exploring these topics more in depth at the upcoming Walking the Sacred Spiral gatherings:

Tuesday, January 13th :  Courage
No meeting Tuesday, January 20th
Tuesday, January 27th: Truth
Tuesday, February 3rd: Gratitude
Tuesday, February 10th will be a Healing Circle

I’ll be writing up what we discover about these topics and sharing it via email.  If you know of others who would like to receive that, please have them contact me.

Wishing you Love and Light and Bright Blessings in this new year!
In Loving,


(Oh, another piece of power – I am now claiming the power of my full name, MariePatrice, rather than the diminutive “Pat”. It is a beautiful harmonization of the sacred feminine, Marie from Mary, and the masculine, Patrice, French for Patrick, from the same root as patrie and patriarch.  Throw it together with Massé, French for kneeded or massaged and it sounds like love to me!)

MariePatrice Massé
Sacred Spiral Healing Arts
92 Barton Drive
Sudbury  MA 01776


Catalytic Transformation : MariePatrice's unique combination of Spiritual Counseling, coaching, and energy work developed out of her training in Polarity Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and many other modalities.  This work aligns you with your highest potential and clears the patterns blocking your optimal energy flow.

Walking The Sacred Spiral :
 Understanding Life as Spiritual Path: An on-going gathering of people interested in engaging with and understanding life from a spiritual perspective.  Includes guided meditation, group and individual work.  Most Tuesday evenings 7:30-9:30pm.