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September 2006

Is INSTANT HEALING possible???

In a recent conversation, a client who I hadn’t seen for several years suggested that he would like to find a way to quickly relieve symptoms and issues without all the mental processing. Is that possible?


I recognize that yearning for the proverbial “silver bullet.” In fact, searching for it has been part of my personal quest. That’s why I’ve trained in over a dozen healing forms! Some of them have provided instant healing in certain cases, such as release of years of suppressed emotion or chronic pain in a single session.  I’ve recently discovered another method that produces instant healing even more reliably.

Earlier this fall I completed training in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of The Yuen Method. During that training, I saw  it relieve 15 year-old chronic back pain in fifteen minutes, restore peripheral vision, release chronic tension patterns, clear emotional reactivity, de-activate triggers and shift attitudes in a single session. In my own practice, I have experienced relief of many symptoms and issues that had previously resisted other treatments. Does it work, instantly, for everything? No, but it does work instantly for many issues, for many people, much of the time.

The Yuen Method is a remarkable healing method developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shaolin Kung-Fu Master and a modern example of the ancient martial arts and healing masters of the 1500-year old Shaolin Temple in Northern China where many of the basic concepts of human energy, exercise and martial arts were discovered and developed by generations of Shaolin masters.

Some of you may remember the Kung-Fu TV series in which David Carradine played a Shaolin priest who immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-1800’s, applying his powerful, mystical abilities to creating harmony in a tough world. Dr. Yuen was the kung-fu consultant for the series.

I am very impressed with the depth, the simplicity, and powerful effectiveness, of the Yuen Method. It is a non-touch energy healing technique combining the power of ancient Chinese qigong energy healing with our ever-increasing understanding of the body/mind complex and quantum theories.

Quantum physics helps us to understand how this work can be equally effective in person, over the phone, or from any distance. Phone and distance healing can be helpful during busy times, or when transportation is difficult. It can be used regardless of pain levels or where touch or movement are best avoided. (Sometimes, however, we really need the TLC and the quiet space of a hands-on session!)

The Yuen Method does not require pinpointing exact causes. We don’t need to talk about it to heal it. Root causes can be cleared energetically, without need for analysis, re-triggering suppressed emotion, or reliving old trauma. This makes it quite effective for infants and children, those suffering from past abuse or Post Traumatic Stress, and others unable or unwilling to talk about their situation.

The Yuen Method can also be used to clear the way for your relationships, goals, projects or events. We often have thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns… below the surface of our awareness working against us at. We may think that we are completely aligned with a particular goal, but if the going is slow, we experience resistance, fear, or procrastination… it may be that a non-conscious pattern is the culprit.  Muscle-testing and/or checking our energy around a particular goal can show us where we have hidden resistance.  Using the Yuen Method we can test for and clear resistance and blockages.

It’s kind of like the winter sport of curling, having a sweeper warming the ice so your curling stone meets with the least resistance and all your energy goes into forward movement.

I’ve also integrated this work into my table work, adding to the power and effectiveness of some already powerful work!
A recent client had this to say:
“MariePatrice’s work has replaced years of traditional painful counseling and therapy with a few gentler, kinder sessions having dramatic impact. I’ve realized that life doesn’t have to be hard! There are easy ways to release physical and emotional pain. I’ve let go of past fears, stress, triggers, life-long anger at my mother, frustration, chest pains, Fibromyalgia, stomach aches, shoulder and neck pain, headaches... I’ve found a new way to live lovingly in a stressful chaotic world. I physically feel lighter, like I’m not carrying around the weight of the world anymore.

Now no matter what the issue, I know it can be cleared easily and quickly and have a great outcome, so I know I don’t have to be in tremendous pain before I do something about it.  The results are life long. There’s no need to rehash the same issue over and over again. We work through it quickly and easily and then it’s gone.”

If you’ve been hoping for a quicker easier way to relieve symptoms, resolve issues, heal emotions, let go of fear and resistance, align with your goals… you’re in luck!

MariePatrice Masse
92 Barton Drive
Sudbury MA 01776