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September 2006

Out on a Limb – Coming Home!

From MariePatrice Masse and Sacred Spiral Life Work!

I’m coming home! After 10 months of devoting my life to a national wellness education start up company, it’s time for me to bring my focus back to my real passion, my healing work.

I’ve been out on a limb, moving through many phases of exploration, excitement, fear, exhilaration… A whole new adventure from what I’ve done before, it opened up parts of me that I’d forgotten (or never knew existed). Then the increasing feelings of anger and resentment and distancing let me know something was off. But what? Me. I realized I wasn’t home. I was caught up in an adventure that was no longer a fit. Had it ever been? Yes, but I’d gotten what I came for. Was it a mistake? A waste of ten months of my life? No.  There are no wrong turns. And, it’s clear that it is not where I want to be. It’s not a place where my soul can sing. So, I’m coming home. Home to where my heart is, in my healing work and in my writing. I’m coming home with new skills and awarenesses, renewed strength and courage, renewed assurance of what is mine to do and be. I’m coming home to my now path, enriched and empowered to step more fully into bringing more of my soul’s work to the world.

These past ten months of involvement with MBS Connect ( have been very growthful for me. First, stepping up to playing a bigger game, helping to create a national wellness education company, as one of seven core members, stepping into the corporate arena, recruiting holistic practitioners as a National Sales Director, organizing practitioners and training programs locally as the New England Coordinator, and then little by little realizing it wasn’t for me. Then for the past few months, I’ve been going within to find clarity and understanding regarding what fits for me and what doesn’t. I will likely continue to be involved with MBS Connect as a practitioner / presenter for the Corporate Wellness Programs and through their wellness and prevention speaker’s agency, but my primary focus will once again be my private practice.

If you’ve noticed my absence during this time, please don’t take it personally! I’ve been very immersed first in the start up, then in inner work, available to clients, but not feeling very social.  I have worked through some very old layers of suppressed emotion, actually old ways of viewing and being in the world, old survival patterns, made accessible by the stretch with MBS. As you know, this inner work can be demanding, but it’s so freeing!

Some compare this process to peeling back the layers of an onion, a metaphor I was never quite comfortable with because an onion has no core, no seed, no heart at the center- so there’s nothing left when you peel back all the layers.

Now I see how perfect that is. There’s nothing left but essence. I am not the onion. I am the nothing and the everything between, under, around and beyond the protective layers.

For most of us, the hardest part of going through one of these psycho-emotional journeys is that we can’t see an end. We fear it will go on forever with no way out. We become so enmeshed in the emotion or the fear of letting go of these protective layers which we mistake for self.  However, the more we can remember that it is all energy, that it is old emotion moving through, letting go to greater clarity and light, the easier it is.

In doing healing work with others, we learn to “hold the light” for another, so they can go deep into and through their psycho-emotional journey and come out the other side. We can also learn to do this for ourselves, holding the light for that pained part of ourselves, just as we would for another. We can be the loving, True Self, even as we compassionately witness the pain and psycho-emotional drama of our human experience, much the same as a loving parent, allowing a child to move through their hurts, and then come around to deeper knowing.

My intention, always, when I do my own inner work, is that it be of service to others as well, through my work, through my writing, through my being. For this reason, I choose honesty, openness, and transparency, sharing freely and writing about my own process, when the time is right, knowing that in some way it will touch or inspire just the right person at just the right time and make a difference to you or another beautiful being on the path of unfolding as your true magnificence.

In Loving,

MariePatrice Masse
Sacred Spiral Life Work
A Unique Combination of Energy Work and Counseling
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