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Sacred Spiral Life Work


Healing Love Products

Healing Love Invocation and Guided Meditation CD

MariePatrice’s beautiful invocation and guided meditation aides you in relaxing deeply and letting go, leads you into a place of deep healing love and reminds you of the love that you are.   $20.

"I have had challenges meditating up until now.  With your powerful "Healing Love" CD my body, heart, mind, and soul connect to your tranquil words of wisdom, helping me to be there in the meditation and let go of whatever chatter comes into my consciousness.  I am now able to be there in the moment.

Thank you for guiding me to be more grounded, centered and balanced throughout the day and in my life"

T.A.C., Promoter for motivational speakers

Healing Love tm T-shirts

Currently available in black, extra large, men’s T with the Healing Love logo on cream background, (heat transfer) $15.
Please contact us to purchase products.