Sacred Spiral Life Work

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Sacred Spiral Life Work


What’s Your Body Telling You?(sm)
Dialoguing with the Body

If you’re tired of feeling victimized by your body and want to know what’s going on. If you want to learn to release pain and tension yourself rather than masking it with medications or depending on another person then this program is right for you. In this one-day experiential program you will learn to “listen to” and release pain, tension, emotion, or discomfort in the body. You will practice dialoguing and negotiating, updating limiting beliefs and coming to mutual understanding for better communication and a healthier relationship with your body.

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Organic Healing Through Movement (sm)

Organic Healing Through Movementsm awakens the body’s memory of its innate ability to heal itself through spontaneous sound and movement. This practice facilitates opening of energy channels and letting go of the blocked energy which causes pain. Organic Healing Through Movementsm is an excellent therapy for chronic pain, joint pain, tension, holding and body armoring. It can be practiced in any body and does not require full mobility or strength. It is a practice MariePatrice developed as she cured her own Fibromyalgia. This work is available as a one-day experiential workshop, on-going classes , or private lessons.

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What’s it like?

“That was amazing! In just two minutes, I went so deep. I tuned into the energy and became it. I could feel energy blocking in my elbow. Then something popped and the energy shifted. It has a deep healing component that reaches deep into the core of your being. It brings you clarity and keeps expanding even after you stop.

This is great for people like me with Fibromyalgia. It would really benefit older people with limited mobility. You can do it sitting down, use just one hand, even do it lying in bed.

The place I go when I’m doing this is very new to me. It’s as though my body is celebrating. It’s saying, 'Yeah. It’s about time. Look at how stiff we’ve been.' It feels like a partnership: you become your body and your body becomes part of you. I never thought to have this kind of relationship to my body. It’s very soothing. Regarding the pain, my attitude has been that the pain would be there the rest of my life with nothing I could do about it. This gives me hope that my body can feel good.”

- Danielle Lamarre, manager