Sacred Spiral Life Work

unfolding your true magnificence

Are you being all you can be?

Are you unfolding your true magnificence?

YOU CAN LET GO of old patterns of tension, fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs that hold you back, and you’ll notice that:

Tension gives way to deep RELAXATION

Fear gives way to TRUST

Doubt gives way to KNOWING

Limiting patterns and beliefs give way to UNLIMITED POTENTIAL

  • Enjoy clarity and PEACE OF MIND
  • TRUST yourself and life
  • Know your HEART’S DESIRE
  • Connect with your HIGHER KNOWING
  • Align with your PURPOSE
  • SHIFT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS (with your self, others, body, mind, life, work, God) from adversarial to collaborative
  • RELEASE old patterns, limiting beliefs and non-supportive behaviors
  • FREE UP YOUR LIFE FORCE for what’s important
  • GET UNSTUCK and accelerate the process of unfolding your magnificence
  • BE MORE of who you know you can be
  • Utilize what is and put your energy where YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

At Sacred Spiral Life Work we are dedicated to freeing you up to be all you can be and helping you to unfold as your true magnificence. Using an integrated body/mind/spirit approach, we always start from wherever you are and focus our work together on what’s up in your life. Be it in business, health, personal, family, relationship, or financial, the positive change in your life always starts with you. We believe that life is wise and always brings us face to face with our next opportunity for growth. If you are inspired to take on leadership of your life, manifesting your highest dreams and creating your life in a way that really makes a difference, contact us now to discover how Sacred Spiral Life Work can help FREE YOU UP TO BE ALL YOU CAN BE.

"MariePatrice is amazing. She zones right in on the emotional and spiritual issues that are being triggered and in need of healing and directly addresses heart to heart how to relate to and heal the pain and hurt that needs relief and integration. I feel so understood and cared about, yet know that she will be direct with me to face what needs to be faced. I always look forward to working with her."


- Herb Pearce, psychotherapist, trainer