Sacred Spiral Life Work

unfolding your true magnificence

The Sacred Spiral Story

A number of years ago when I began to consider a career shift from teaching to healing and spiritual counseling, the name “sacred spiral” began to resound in my head. Sacred Spiral Healing Arts clicked as the right name for my new business. I knew that there was some sacred significance to the spiral. I…

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The Sacred Spiral Concept

The Sacred Spiral is a metaphor for life and our personal journey to consciousness awareness. It is all about exploring our ability to create through our choices of love, trust, and alignment. Choosing to know ourSelves as Oneness vs. living as little selves in the illusion of separateness, in fear, resistance and victimization. We always…

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Connecting Vision With Community

By MariePatrice Masse Presentation as featured speaker at Nancy Cantor’s Women in Business Luncheon Nancy has been talking with you about. Now we’re going to look at how to bring visions into reality by connecting them up to other people. No one was meant to do it alone. Just as the children’s book says “it…

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