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Connecting Vision With Community

By MariePatrice Masse
Presentation as featured speaker at Nancy Cantor’s Women in Business Luncheon

Nancy has been talking with you about.
Now we’re going to look at how to bring visions into reality by connecting them up to other people.
No one was meant to do it alone. Just as the children’s book says “it takes a village to raise a child”, I believe it takes a community to realize a vision. The bigger the vision the more connection it calls for.
What does that mean? How do we create community around our vision? Here’s an example right before our eyes: the community that Nancy has created around her vision for women entrepreneurs. The people who attend her luncheons and programs, her coaching clients, the people who help out, the behind the scenes people who help with the website, newsletter, marketing… without all of these people Nancy’s vision would only live in her mind.

My name is MariePatrice Masse. My passion is helping people to find their fit with themselves, each other and life. I believe that each of us is a unique and precious gift to each other and to the world. As a Spiritual counselor, teacher and healer, I work with individuals, couples and groups facilitating the inner work that makes it possible to safely offer our gifts, realizing our visions in collaboration with others and life.

So, what is a vision? It may take the form of something you yearn for, or something you see as sorely lacking in the world, or it may be something that adds joy, or love, or peace, or effectiveness to the world. It is something that engages your passion and calls you forth. A vision calls for you to grow and develop your gifts. A vision is an inspiration that sparks our creativity and calls us into action and connection with the world.


My Vision is to create a world in which each person is honored and supported in unfolding as the gift that they are to the world. Imagine the world that would make possible. That’s a big vision and it used to scare me. How could “little me” do all that? Well, that’s just it. It’s not a job for little me alone in my head. It’s a job for big me, the me that connects up with you, lots of others and

life. Big ideas call for collaboration. We are not meant to do it alone. We can, but we don’t have to.

I have created a community around my vision. We are creating a spiritually-based business collaborative called Chrysalis Village, focusing on providing a safe, supportive environment for people to unfold their dreams and bring their gifts to the world.

I could never do this alone. I have a vision, but without community my vision has no life. I see Nancy’s Entrepreneurial College as part of this, and Chandelle’s vision work and Barbara’s healing work. A vision needs to be connected up to others who are part of its fulfillment – as it is part of their fulfillment.

In our society we tend to value individual accomplishment. Why would we choose to shift our focus to collaboration? What are the benefits of working with others? Let’s take a moment to brainstorm the benefits of collaboration.

What benefits do you see in collaboration?

CHART- create it with them

Imagine the difference you could make in the world living your purpose and creating your vision. Magnificent isn’t it! What happens when you bring in the notion of competition?

Now feel the difference that all of us here today could make together by supporting each other in collaboration. Even more magnificent!

I hope you’ll continue sharing with your table community during lunch. I invite you to discuss the collaboration already in place in your business and inquire into what other collaboration might be useful in unfolding your vision. After lunch we’ll look at a framework that can help us to create a mindmap of our communities.

So, I’ll bet that even those of you who felt you were doing it alone have noticed the collaborative relationships you’ve created. Now let’s look at a framework that will help us to create a mind map of our communities. It’s a way of seeing what we’ve

Already created and what we might add to it from a collaborative perspective. In your folders you’ll find a handout that looks like this.

Inner Circle: people who are inspired by and feel aligned with your vision. Their vision very likely parallels or nests with yours. They have a unique contribution to make and will be co-creators in developing the project.

Chrysalis Village Community-Chandelle, Nancy

Beneficiaries: your clients, or those who will be served by your project and without whom your business could not exist. We might also include here our families and those who benefit in other ways. There is great fulfillment in seeing the positive impact your work has on the lives of others.

Friends: people who know you and your business, and trust you and what you are up to. These are people who will talk about you, spread the word and connect you up with others.

Collaborators: others who work with the same population and are interested in collaboration. How can you help each other to grow your businesses in ways that support you both? Look for the win-win. (Are there people here that may eventually be included in your inner


Nancy- thanks for inviting me to speak

Women in Biz participants

Outside Professionals: other professionals who can help you by bringing the particular expertise needed to unfold different components of your project. This might include an accountant, marketing professional, business coach or consultant, writer, graphic designer, web designer, computer specialist, attorney… perhaps someone you know from the Women in Business Luncheon. Try to find people who line up with your vision. This will create more

synergy and greater ease of forward movement.

Myrna and Donna- book-keeping accounting Ronnie-taxes
BonnieJean Butler- speaking coach

Your Support System: here’s an oft forgotten component, those who support you personally, in your health, well-being and personal life. This might include your spouse, your family, massage therapist or body worker, a life coach, spiritual advisor, your gym, your time in

nature, your meditation practice.

Barbara Cappadonna- polarity

Angie- massage Lyndsey Watson-voice Chandelle-vision work

Wrap up
Who would like to share some insights they’ve had today around vision, community and collaboration?

I believe that collaboration, creating community, working together for mutual empowerment and the good of all, is the POWER of the FEMININE. I feel that if this world is ever going to shift from unconscious destruction and fear-based competition to honoring and supporting each individual as the gift that they are, and thriving in harmony and collaboration, it’s up to the women of the world. Together, we can create the world we dream of.

Thank you for being here. I hope this talk was inspirational. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the evaluation form in your folders. I am available to facilitate inspirational discussions for your friends and family. I’ve included a flyer introducing my Living Room Talks for your information. If there is any way I can support you in your unfolding please don’t hesitate to contact me. You’ll also find 2 of my business cards, one for you, one for a friend.

My Love to you all and blessings on your path.

Lyndsey sing