Sacred Spiral Life Work

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Counseling, Coaching, Healing Sessions
Hourly rate $100 (sliding scale available)

Catalytic Transformationsm in-person Sessions combining coaching, counseling, energy healing

Discover, heal and release the old patterns (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and limiting beliefs that keep you from living your dreams.

Telephone Coaching/Healing Sessions

If your time is limited, you live at a distance, you’re away on travel, or something has come up between in-person sessions, telephone coaching may be the way to go. It’s not just talk, MariePatrice tunes into your energy and does distance healing with you as you talk. She may also invite you to tune in as she coaches you in self-healing work.

E-mail Coaching/Healing Sessions

If your time is limited or your hours challenging, e-mail can be the perfect medium, by itself or in combination with other mediums, for a deeply effective coaching relationship.  Need a hand through a crisis, help with a decision, just know something is out of whack? Send me an email to fill me in on what’s up and I’ll tune in, clear the issues using distance healing techniques, and let you know what I found.

Distance Healing Sessions

Eliminate the need to travel. They can be great anytime and can be especially helpful in times of crisis, hospitalization, when mobility is limited, when on the road, or for reluctant teens or young children. Quantum Physics teaches us that energy knows no time or distance and everything is energy. So, like the power of prayer, healing can be sent across time and space. These sessions can be just as powerful as hands-on in person sessions, sometimes even more so.

Spiritually-based Relationship Counseling for any type of relationship

Use everyday issues as a vehicle for understanding yourself and others. Heal and release the patterns that keep you stuck. Transform your relationships into healthy, fulfilling relationships based in growing trust, mutual respect and love. Consciously choose new ways of being which honor yourself and others.

Couples for Couples sm Spiritually-based Relationship Counseling sm

MariePatrice and John’s unique approach to couples counseling. Deepen your understanding and appreciation of each other, and revive the respect. Discover how relationships bring our old patterns and wounds to the surface for healing and release, and learn to Disarm your Buttonssm. Explore the concept of sex as a spiritual practice and reawaken the romance. Find out what’s possible in relationship.

Just want the energy work? Ask for a Reiki or CranioSacral Therapy Session!

CranioSacral Therapy Sessions

CranioSacral uses light touch and delicate manual techniques to free the central nervous system of restrictions, resulting in enhanced body functioning and alleviation of pain and discomfort. It is excellent for re-establishing a natural state of relaxation, helping to alleviate a range of illness, pain and dysfunction, including: head, neck and back pain, TMJ, Post-Traumatic Stress, postural issues, emotional issues, stress and tension related issues, and much more!

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is an ancient healing technique of directing energy through the body to assist the body in releasing blocked energy, recharging depleted areas, and returning to its natural state of relaxed balance.

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