Sacred Spiral Life Work

unfolding your true magnificence

The Sacred Spiral Concept

The Sacred Spiral is a metaphor for life and our personal journey to consciousness awareness. It is all about exploring our ability to create through our choices of love, trust, and alignment. Choosing to know ourSelves as Oneness vs. living as little selves in the illusion of separateness, in fear, resistance and victimization. We always have the choice and in each moment we have the opportunity to choose again. Our experience of the world and the life we create depends on the perspective we are choosing. That stands repeating: our experience depends on our perspective.

The more we can embrace life, trusting what is, knowing that life is bringing us exactly the opportunities we require in order to awaken to our true nature as spiritual beings in human form and the more we can trust ourselves to unfold according to God’s plan, growing in our ability to align with life, to speak our truth, to surrender to God’s will, and to love ourselves unconditionally, the greater will be the power, ease, and grace with which we live.

Most of us are very much under the illusion of separateness from God and the world around us. We trudge through life with an idea or expectations of “the way it’s supposed to be”. We perceive the experiences life brings as roadblocks and obstacles, judging them to be wrong, bad, unfair. I had the wrong parents, the wrong experiences, the wrong circumstances. It/we/they/I shouldn’t be this way. This “life is wrong” notion leads to resistance, denial and victimization, none of which help us on our path, all of which come from a perspective of being separate from life. We become increasingly bitter, resigned, or exhausted. This “life’s a bitch, then you die” school of thought leaves no chance of fulfillment. In this case we get stuck in a rut cycling around and around the same track never significantly moving forward.

Alternatively we can consciously walk the Sacred Spiral of life, along the pathways that life provides, spiraling “heavenward” with increasing awareness of our inter-relatedness with all that is, toward Oneness. Along the way life provides us with circumstances and opportunities which show us where to focus our attention, where there is healing or opening, or surrender required. Seen as opportunities to evolve, to expand our consciousness, these circumstances guide us in our development. They help us to uncover the truth about who we truly are, our strengths, our gifts, our limiting beliefs. They show us what’s in the way of our evolution and what’s up next to take on. We grow through these experiences and come more fully into our strength, clarity, and wisdom.

Met with resistance these experiences will be painful and difficult. They will repeat themselves over and over again until we choose to embrace them and evolve. When we see life as an uphill battle, these challenging times seem like we’re falling back into old patterns or having to deal with the same old stuff again. From the perspective of the Sacred Spiral we are spiraling “upward” toward greater clarity of consciousness at the same time as we move through cycles. Hitting a familiar blocking point on the spiral is an opportunity to heal a different aspect or a deeper layer of a personal theme.

Choosing to perceive life as sacred pathway designed specifically for us, a path leading to our spiritual evolution and the awakening of our conscious awareness of our Selves as spiritual beings, honors the wisdom and the sacredness of life. Choosing to love, honor and support who we are, acknowledges the sacredness of our being, as aspects of God manifesting in human form. Life is right. We are right. Nothing is wrong. Let’s choose to bring ourselves fully to life and engage whole-heartedly in this experience of awakening to the sacredness of all.

Won’t you come walk the Sacred Spiral with me?