Sacred Spiral Life Work

unfolding your true magnificence

The Sacred Spiral Story

A number of years ago when I began to consider a career shift from teaching to healing and spiritual counseling, the name “sacred spiral” began to resound in my head. Sacred Spiral Healing Arts clicked as the right name for my new business. I knew that there was some sacred significance to the spiral. I recalled noticing its frequent use as a sacred symbol, but I didn’t really know much more than that.

As I became increasingly aware of the spiral in the world around me, my understanding of the significance of the sacred spiral began to unfold. I realized that in life there are so many things that are cyclical: clock hours, days of the weeks, months, seasons. These cycles repeat, yet we are always moving forward in time. Adding this “moving forward” dimension to these cycles brings us out of being stuck endlessly walking in the same groove to moving “forward” at the same time. After all, even though we experience many Mondays in our lifetime, hopefully, we do not retrace our steps exactly. We bring some form of new awareness to each cycle through the days/months/years. This alters the experience from one of ceaseless repetition to an experience of unfolding awareness. This is the difference between being stuck in a rut, bored with life, going nowhere and living with awareness, growing and evolving with life. Perhaps we could look at this as a continual refinement of our relationship with life.

I was inspired to create a visual of the sacred spiral which would capture this sense of forward growth. After finally moving past my inner critic and perfectionist, I got out my paints and let the inspiration lead the way to creating the image that I now use as my business logo. My sense of this process of spiraling through life was that it is an expansive process that leads us from little self to larger Self. A Self more connected with others and life (refer to Ken Anbender’s work at for inspiring work on a “connected self”). Perhaps this is the process that some refer to as ascension. For me, this is the process of integrating our Divine nature with our human form and experience, bringing our soul into the body.

To depict this process of growth and expansion I placed a tiny heart at the bottom of the spiral and a large heart at the top. The large heart represents God, One Heart, the Oneness of which we are all a part. In my understanding this is our origin and this is our destiny. All paths lead to the One Heart.

We come into this life experiencing ourselves as little babies in a big world. We grow in our connectedness to life, expanding our experience, expanding our horizons. This expansion process is an opportunity to interact with more of life. Our experience of the duality of life (good/bad, love/fear, pleasure/pain, mundane/divine) gives us a laboratory in which the experiment with choices and exercise free will. It is through this experimentation that we develop awareness of our Divine nature.